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Neck Lift Plastic Surgery | Lower Rhytidectomy

by Dr. Daniel Lin

Neck Lift Plastic Surgery

How to Prepare For an Endoscopic Brow Lift | Pasadena | Baldwin ParkNeck lift surgery (along with facelift) is one of the most transformative surgical procedures in cosmetic medicine to improve a person’s appearance.

A skilled surgeon can use neck lift cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin and fatty pockets from the neck region. Additionally, they may restructure the underlying neck muscles as well, which can significantly improve the face and neck profile of the patient.

A neck lift is thought to be a safe and effective procedure, but in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon. Advancements in surgical techniques and technologies over the past decade have made it possible to undertake neck surgery with minimal incisions and scarring while offering the patient natural-looking results.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Lin provides lower rhytidectomy to patients in West Covina, Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, Chino, Rowland Heights, Baldwin Park, Whittier, Brea, Arcadia, Pasadena, Diamond Bar and surrounding areas in California.

Ideal Candidates

Good neck lift candidates include people between the ages of 35 and 75 years. These candidates may seek neck lift surgery for the following concerns:

  • Neck skin damaged by the sun or wind
  • Double or triple chin (fat beneath the chin)
  • Turkey wattle neck (loose, sagging neck skin)
  • Jowls (excessive skin or fat underneath the jaws)
  • Excess neck fat or skin


The Procedure

Lower rhytidectomy is a relatively simple cosmetic surgery procedure that takes nearly two hours to complete. The choice of the patient and the surgeon will determine the anesthesia type uses.

Most patients receive the procedure under local anesthesia with sedation. However, some patients choose to be asleep during the procedure and undergo general anesthesia.

The extent of the neck lift will depend on the particular needs and goals of a specific patient. At times, the patient may be able to achieve desirable results only with liposuction. This involves the removal of excess fatty deposits in the neck region.

To accomplish more dramatic results, the surgeon may eliminate excess skin and fat while firming and modifying the underlying neck muscles. Neck lift cosmetic surgery can also be performed in combination with other surgical procedures such as a facelift, brow lift, and eyelid surgery.

Cutting-edge neck lift techniques and technologies allow surgeons to perform neck lift surgery by making small incisions. The surgeon usually makes these incisions in a discreet manner beneath the chin or behind the ears.

They will eliminate excess fat through these incisions either surgically or by liposuction. In addition, the patient may choose to have loose neck muscles tightened. At times, the surgeon may remove a tiny portion of the platysma muscle as well.

Upon completing the elimination and tightening work in the neck area, the surgeon will pull the skin taut and close the incisions. They will also remove any extra skin at the point.

Cosmetic Benefits

A neck lift surgery can remove loose “bands” of fat and skin that develop on the neck as a person ages. In addition, it can contour the jawline and reduce the “jowly” appearance that may sometimes develop. This procedure cannot restore the skin back to its original, youthful state, but it can definitely make an individual appear many years younger.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Lin receives patients from West Covina, Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, Chino, Rowland Heights, Baldwin Park, Whittier, Brea, Arcadia, Pasadena, Diamond Bar and surrounding areas in California for lower rhytidectomy.

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