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Facial Fat Grafting

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In our modern world of constant changes and advanced new technologies, fat grafting is one of most exciting developments in facial plastic surgery available today. Since the beginning of time, the aging process is a challenge we all have to endure but medical breakthroughs are improving the way we look and creating solutions that were once considered impossible. Plastic surgery not only enhances a person’s appearance, it also increases confidence because if you look better, you feel better too.

At Shine Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Daniel H. Lin is excited about facial fat grafting because the procedure enables him to restore the naturally beautiful attributes that make up the human face.

Facial fat grafting can improve age-related or other imperfections on your face including:

The fat grafting procedure basically involves three major steps:

The primary reason for aging is the loss of subcutaneous (under the skin) tissue, especially fat, which directly contributes to skin laxity. Fat is considered the ideal filler because it is living tissue that exists in your own body. Fat transfer (medically termed fat grafting) is a procedure where your own fat tissues are used to increase volume in the internal areas of your body. Facial fat grafting, also called autologous fat grafting and micro-lipoinjection, involves harvesting fat from other areas of the body such as your abdomen, thighs, or buttocks, which are most similar to the texture of your face. Fat graft transplantation is based on rejuvenation similar to dermal filler soft tissue augmentation except that facial fat grafting uses human fatty tissue. Facial fat grafting is also significantly different because it restores and rejuvenates the outer appearance of your skin thanks to natural growth factors. Another great advantage of fat grafting is that it has the potential to last longer than synthetic fillers and it reduces any possibility of infection since the tissue comes from your own body. There is also research that states fat grafting increases collagen production thus speeding up the healing process

Facial fat grafting is performed on an outpatient basis and both the area from which the fat is taken and the treatment site will be numbed using a local anesthetic. Dr. Lin will use a small needle attached to a syringe to remove fat from the donor site and once removed, the fat is processed to remove excess fluids. The fat will then be re-injected under the skin beneath the targeted wrinkle using another needle and this process will be repeated until the desired correction has been achieved. The re-injected fat and stem cells cause new blood vessels to form supporting the fat graft and this process can lead to long-term solutions that will delay the need for complex surgery for years to come.


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