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Asian Rhinoplasty

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The Asian face is uniquely different from other races and requires special methods to enhance the appearance without creating an unnatural result that does not fit naturally with one’s ethnicity.

Dr. Daniel H. Lin, owner and director of Shine Cosmetic Surgery, offers a vast array of facial cosmetic surgery procedures and he is considered an expert on Asian facial plastic surgery. Although traditional Western techniques are appropriate in select cases, Asian facial cosmetic surgery requires cultural sensitivity and unique strategies that preserve a natural appearance while still enhancing beauty. Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is often referred to as “nose reshaping” or a “nose job”. Patients choose it to improve the appearance and proportion of their nose to enhance facial harmony but the surgery also corrects impaired breathing problems caused by structural abnormalities in the nose. The goal of ethnic rhinoplasty is the same as “conventional” rhinoplasty, which is to refine the nasal contours in order to improve the harmony between the nose and the other facial features. The difference in ethnic rhinoplasty however requires advanced skill on the part of the surgeon because of several special considerations.

The Asian nose has several distinguishing features when compared to the Caucasian nose. Typically, the Asian nose has thicker skin, with a deeper and flatter radix, and a lower or sometimes depressed nasal bridge. The tip of the nose tends to have a broad dome while both the tip and the nostrils can be thicker skinned, wider, and have more fibro-fatty tissue. The columella, or underside of the nose, tends to be minimal and darker skin tones are more prone to scarring and that is why the surgeon has to pay special attention to the placement of incisions and post-operative incision care. In addition, pigmented skin is more prone to skin discoloration after surgery and that means that the surgeon must know how to create the incisions and reshape the skin and cartilage for the best possible results.

Dr. Lin is one of the more experienced Los Angeles ethnic nose surgery providers and he is qualified and highly skilled at addressing all of the unique aspects of ethnic rhinoplasty.

During your consultation at Shine Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Lin will carefully evaluate your skin type, tone, and thickness. He will assess your cartilage and nasal bone and explore the unique anatomy of your nose. Dr. Lin will then ask you to explain your expectations and how you would like your nose to look after rhinoplasty. By understanding your concerns and goals, together you will select the best surgical techniques for your unique situation and at the end of your pre-surgical consultation, Dr. Lin will give you a list of things you need to do to prepare for your Asian Rhinoplasty procedure.

Dr. Lin performs ethnic rhinoplasty under general or sedation anesthesia depending on your unique situation. If extensive nasal reshaping is needed or if this is a revision rhinoplasty, general anesthesia might be more appropriate. After your surgery preparation, Dr. Lin will perform an incision within your nose or across the thin strip of skin between your nostrils. For most ethnic rhinoplasty treatments, the outer incision is needed because it allows Dr. Lin to open your nose and perform comprehensive reshaping. If you desire to increase the height of your nasal bridge, Dr. Lin will add cartilage to achieve this goal and the cartilage is often taken from your nasal septum or ear. Depending on the extent of your nose reshaping, the procedure can take from 1-2 hours.

Because ethnic nose surgery is a particularly complex procedure, Dr. Lin carefully monitors you throughout your recovery stage. Within the first week after surgery, a splint is applied to help maintain the new shape and initial swelling will subside within 1-2 weeks, at which time you will be able to resume breathing through your nose and return to work and a light regimen of activities. Within one month, most of the swelling will subside and your nose will begin to reveal its new shape. Dr. Lin will ask you to adhere to your follow-up visits to monitor your progress and that will give him the opportunity to address any concerns you might have while avoiding complications. Due to his extensive skill and experience, Dr. Lin’s ethnic rhinoplasty patients achieve outstanding aesthetic results and they are thrilled with their new appearance. If you are of Asian descent and you desire to change your nasal contours, please call Shine Cosmetic Surgery and schedule your consultation today with highly skilled ethnic rhinoplasty provider, Dr. Lin. He is looking forward to explaining your nose surgery options and he wants you to know that choosing a surgeon experienced in successfully performing Asian rhinoplasty is crucial to achieving all of your aesthetic goals.


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