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Healthy and beautiful looking skin requires a continuous commitment to daily skin care and healthy living. Because of this, Shine Cosmetic Surgery offers physician grade skincare products and custom designed routines to help ensure that your skin remains healthy and vibrant for years to come.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and performs many vital functions and it is never too early or too late to take care of your skin. Your skin also tells a story about your age and health and Dr. Daniel H. Lin believes in the use of skin care systems to restore and maintain the well being of your skin. The products offered at Shine Cosmetic Surgery will treat your skin from the inside out because we use topical agents that work synergistically with proper nutrition to regulate the functions of your skin’s cells.

Every time you get a sunburn or tan, your skin is damaged and a quality skin care regimen can help undo some of the destruction while protecting it from future harm. The radiation you receive from sun exposure accumulates over time and this radiation is the number one cause of aging.

The proven effectiveness of a valuable skin care regime include products such as:

The skin care agents listed above are highly successful at attaining skin care for:

In addition to skin care products; Shine Cosmetic Surgery also offers more invasive treatments that are highly successful in reversing age and sun damage to your skin. These include laser resurfacing, surgical chemical peels, and dermabrasion and many of these treatments enable our skin care products to penetrate more deeply and work more effectively.

If you would like to learn more about the multiple skin care lines we offer at Shine Cosmetic Surgery, we encourage you to contact us.

We will schedule your consultation with Dr. Lin and during your meeting, he will evaluate your skin type, talk to you about any problems you wish to address, and review your overall lifestyle. Using a delicate balance of science and art, together you will choose one of many skin care lines customized to address your particular desires while complimenting your daily routine. You can only buy prescription-strength active ingredients in a physician’s office and nothing over-the-counter can match the strength of our medically proven products. Shine Cosmetic Surgery is proud to carry a full line of physician grade products and if you have never had a skin care regimen, it is not too late to begin one because there is no time like the present to start working towards more youthful skin. At Shine Cosmetic Surgery, we want to be your first choice when it comes to cosmetic skin care and life enhancing services so please call today.


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