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When people start to age, the quest for younger looking skin is one of the most common reasons they chose to undergo cosmetic enhancement procedures. While traditional skin rejuvenation techniques involve the use of laser or surgical procedures, there is also a variety of non-invasive skin resurfacing methods available and one of these is HydraFacialTM. HydraFacialTM is a hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection together.

At Shine Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Daniel H. Lin uses this non-laser skin resurfacing to improve certain skin conditions including:

The HydraFacialTM system works by using a vacuum based suction tip in order to gently exfoliate and extract the contaminates found in and on your skin. During the procedure, a solution consisting of water mixed with vitamins and antioxidants will be applied to your face through a sponge-tipped wand that is used to massage the facial surface removing dead skin cells and other impurities. For your skin to retain moisture a special lotion will be applied to your face and this substance is able to draw in water so the new layer of your exposed skin is refreshed. The proprietary serums hydrate and cleanse your skin while also providing your skin the necessary antioxidant protection.

The key to HydraFacialTM’s success is that it stimulates, hydrates, and exfoliates your skin all in one treatment.

Hydration is the foundation of healthy skin and the HydraFacialTM is a hydrating treatment that is perfect for all skin types including aging skin, ethnic skin, and dry or oily skin. The HydraFacialTM procedure is fast and effective and both men and women love how they look after their treatment because the results are quite impressive.

Each HydraFacialTM treatment takes approximately thirty minutes and the results are almost instantaneous. To maintain your new look however, several treatments are initially needed and for the most optimal outcome, weekly HydraFacialTM procedures should be implemented for a span of 4-8 weeks. If you would you like to have younger-looking skin without surgery, injections, and painful procedures, the patented HydraFacialTM system is right for you. Please call Shine Cosmetic Surgery today and let us schedule your consultation with Dr. Lin. During your meeting, he will explain your options and before making a recommendation, he will consider your lifestyle, goals and personal preferences. HydraFacialTM is designed to restore and maintain the health of your skin and Dr. Lin’s patients are thrilled with their more youthful appearance after having the procedure.

At Shine Cosmetic Surgery, we offer several options that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and renewed so contact us and we will help you determine which treatment is best for you.


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