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Patient Consultant/Coordinator

Megan is our Patient Consultant and Coordinator with more than 10 years of experience. She specializes in consulting aesthetic procedures as well as being a liaison between our patients and Dr. Lin. As such she is actively helping our patients addressing their concerns and questions every step of the way. Megan always thrives to make our patients’ experience pleasant and joyful. Megan is passionate about helping patients reach their full potential and feel confident in their body. She helps answer procedure related question and listens to the patients concern so that we may provide them with the right treatment and help them obtain the best possible results. Megan’s favorite part of her work is seeing how happy the patients are after their procedure. One of her hobbies is reading and being informed about new procedures on the market. She is always the first to volunteer with any new product or procedure so that she can assist our patients to decide and recommend many of our great procedures and products with the first-hand experience.


Office Manager

Anais is our Office Manager with over 10 years of experience. She was previously our Medical Assistant and Spanish Aesthetic Consultant. Her enthusiasm for her work and sincere concern for each individual patient is what drives her to become a great advocate for our patients. As the office manager, Anais sets her goal to improve our organization on every level in order deliver the best experience to every patient from the initial consultation to the last follow up. Besides her management duties, Anais always makes herself available answering patient’s surgery related questions and assist the team anyway she can to ensure patient’s optimal results and satisfying experience. Anais has an Associate’s Degree in Science and a 2nd degree in Arts and Human Expression. Her favorite part about being part of the team is to be able to witness and assist in the patient’s journey. She loves that at the end of the patient’s journey she becomes friends with our beloved patients.

Aileen STSR, CST

Surgical Technologist

Aileen has over 12 years of experience as a certified surgical assistant working alongside with surgeons in the operating room. Aileen loves the field of beauty and she is especially passionate about aesthetic surgery. Besides being well-trained in maintaining the sterility and safety of a surgical room, the equipment and tools, Aileen also has years of experience in post procedure care. She absolutely loves working with our surgical team and with a doctor/surgeon who really cares about his patients and team members. She is well liked by everyone of the team and our patients.

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