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Blepharoplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that corrects lax, sagging skin in the eyes. As we age, our skin loses elasticity. The weight of gravity pulls the skin down. As a result, excess skin may form either above or below your eyelids causing sagging eyebrows or eyes. Its appearance is not only unpleasant and embarrassing, it makes us feel older than we are. Our eyes need to be protected and that is why Dr. Daniel H. Li is at your service to safeguard your eyes. A blepharoplasty can greatly reduce sagging and puffiness in the eyelids and create a rested and youthful appearance. The procedure can also serve as a medical solution to improve vision. Give your eyes and face some rejuvenation. To do that, schedule a one-on-one consultation with Shine Cosmetic Surgery with our office in West Covina or call (626) 810-6165.

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Our most visible characteristic is our eyes. Their innate way of speaking volumes through non-verbal communication is a great gift we have. On the flip side, they can communicate negative messages even though we have no control over them. Loose, hanging skin caused by aging or significant weight loss can be a drag on our face – literally. It makes us appear older than we are. There are things you can do to fix it but even with good faith effort it still may not deliver the results you want. A blepharoplasty procedure can dramatically rejuvenate the muscles around your eyes. During the surgery, excess skin is removed from the lower or upper eyelid and fat is repositioned. [1] Doing so will get rid of the puffiness and fill in gaps. The result is tightened skin that will smooth out wrinkles, folds, and fine lines.

Blepharoplasty on the Upper Eyelids

Aging, genetics, sun exposure, even blinking eyes can all cause the upper eyelids to sag. Pockets of fat can significantly alter the contours of the eyes that create unwanted wrinkles and folds. With an upper lid blepharoplasty, Dr. Lin will make a tiny incision along the crease of your upper eyelid to remove an ellipse of skin, and sometimes, excess fat. [2]

Blepharoplasty on the Lower Eyelids

Your lower eyelid surgery will address concerns of unwanted eye bags, dark circles, and loose skin that appear just beneath your eyes. This method gets rid of the excess skin and puffiness underneath. It will vastly improve the tone and skin underneath your eyes resulting in a much-rejuvenated look. Here, Dr. Lin will make a small opening just below the lash line of the lower eyelid to remove fatty tissue and skin before tightening up the skin and muscles. [3] You will come out looking more alert, younger, and revived!


Your new look can be seen in crystal 20/20 vision! You will leave our office looking vivacious, lively, and relaxed. We constantly hear from patients about the transformative effects of a blepharoplasty. Here’s what else is in store for you: [4]

Come into our office and truly see for yourself on how blepharoplasty can serve you. With Shine Plastic Surgery, you’ll surely get the results that you’ve been waiting for. If we can have a moment of your time, let’s talk about how we can celebrate your win. Schedule an appointment with us at our office in West Covina.

Ideal Candidates

If you feel bothered by the loose skin forming around your eyes then please come. We’ll correct that and restore a look that you are comfortable with. Dr. Lin recommends the following to patients:

Be in Good Health

Patients are advised to maintain a good health record. Firstly, this means candidates should not smoke shortly before or after their procedure. This can create complications during the procedure and recovery process. Secondly, Dr. Lin recommends candidates be free of any health pre-conditions as this too may cause complications during the procedure. You should also have a healthy outlook of what the procedure can do for you.

Have Excess Skin

Patients who have developed excess skin and feel like this is getting in the way of their neutral beauty being showcased are welcome to proceed with a blepharoplasty. If you’ve been told you look ‘sad’, ‘tired’, or ‘upset’ one too many times even though you couldn’t have a care in the world, now would be a great time to treat the condition.

Affecting Your Eyesight

Some people may experience vision problems as a result of drooping skin. If that’s the case then eyelid surgery can easily correct that. Not only will you see better but you’ll look better as well.

Personal Consultation

Dr. Daniel H. Lin is a gifted and highly skilled surgeon specializing in facial plastic and body cosmetic surgery. He is truly a dedicated surgeon who provides high-quality patient care to everyone who walks into the door. Shine Cosmetic Surgery is a world-class facility strategically located in beautiful West Covina inside the Nogales Medical and Professional Plaza. We are just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Orange County, and the Inland Empire. 

Your consultation will begin by taking care of the traditional stuff like asking about your health and medications. Then, we’ll turn the floor over to you. This will be your chance to tell Dr. Lin about what’s troubling you. After a thorough examination, he will create a plan of action that is custom-made for you. Take the first step in revitalizing your face and pencil a friendly consultation at our West Covina office or call (626) 810-6165.

You are more than welcome to check out our blog while you wait. There, you can read up on all the exciting procedures we offer.


To prepare yourself for a swift journey, Dr. Lin recommends doing the following:


Dr. Lin and the staff will make sure you are resting peacefully so you won’t feel a thing. He’ll start the procedure by making a small opening on the upper or lower eyelids. The incisions made will be made in the natural creases of your eyelids so the scarring is less visible. [5] Then, Dr. Lin will reposition or remove fat deposits in areas where it’s not needed. Muscles and tissues in the surrounding area will be tightened up. The surgery concludes when the incisions are sutured up. Eyelid surgery can take up to three hours if both lower and upper lids are being treated.


You can return home right after you rest in our recovery area. Your eyes may be sensitive so you must take it easy for the first few days. During the first few days, we recommend not focusing your eyes on a screen. Be it your phone, laptop, or TV. Your eyes need moisture and doing these activities, even for short periods, can dry out your eyes. If you wear contact lenses, do not wear them until directed which may be in several weeks down the line. Ice gauze pads should be applied to the eyes and cheeks for the first 48 hours to minimize the swelling and inflammation. Keep the head elevated when sleeping or resting to minimize swelling. Please avoid strenuous activities. They can be gradually resumed in about three weeks. Swelling around the eyes may occur but will subside in two weeks.


You’ve made it! Your hard work paid off. Now, it is time to unravel your new results. Some results may be evident immediately after surgery. However, they may be obstructed because of the bruising and slight swelling. This should dissipate in due time. When it does, you can look forward to a bright, youthful face that will make people’s heads turn! By tightening up the skin around the face, the surgery opens up the eyes and rejuvenates your appearance.

Eyelid surgery gives patients years of youthful results. The surgery, if performed on the lower eyelids, can enjoy longer results. Upper eyelids result last for about seven years.


The exact cost varies. There are a few factors to take into account including the extent of your condition. All of these concerns will be discussed in greater detail at your consolation. For more pricing information, please give us a call.


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