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A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a body contouring procedure that alters the shape and curvature of the behind. It does so by harvesting body fat from other areas of the patient’s body and transferring via injection directly into the butt. The look of a bigger, rounder backside may have seemed impossible just a few years ago. But now, a BBL can drastically step up your body’s silhouette by creating natural-looking contours that rival those of today’s celebrity A-listers.

Shine Cosmetic Surgery of West Covina is here to help you get the curves of your dreams. To see what is in store for you, schedule your consultation with Dr. Daniel H. Lin. Or give us a ring at (626) 810-6165.

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Having shapely, alluring buttocks has become a highly desirable aesthetic. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian have won notoriety for their bountiful behinds. Many of us have tried to perfect this look by spending extensive time and effort at the gym. However, even coupled with a healthy diet, this still may not have yielded the results you want. Thanks to a Brazilian butt lift, enhancing the appearance of your behind is easier than ever before.

A BBL is more than a “lift.” It is a body contouring procedure that utilizes an autologous fat grafting technique: it reshapes and resculpts your buttocks using the body fat you already have. Through liposuction, we can extract unwanted fat from donor areas, purify the fat tissue, and then artistically transplant the fat into the buttocks. [1] This highly versatile procedure modifies your waist-to-hip ratio by enhancing the projection of your buttocks and forming an attractive hourglass-shaped contour. Whatever your reason for getting an alluring backside, a BBL is an effective treatment for people who are looking for some extra assistance in perfecting their gluteal look.

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Benefits of BBL Treatment

BBL patients can look forward to a curvaceous bottom while adjusting the overall shape of their profile. The treatment is also an effective way to address the sagging and shapelessness that can happen as a result of aging. Here is also what’s in store with a BBL:

Ideal Candidates

If diet and exercise have yet to garner your desired results, we invite you to schedule a consultation. Whatever your reason for optimized glutes, a BBL can help you achieve ideal proportions. Candidates are recommended to be:

Your consultation will determine if you are a good candidate for a BBL treatment. When you are approved, our friendly staff will be there for you at every step of the way. Make room for a consultation in your schedule and give us a call at (626) 810-6165.

Personal Consultation with Dr. Lin

Dr. Daniel H. Lin is a gifted and highly skilled surgeon specializing in facial plastic and body cosmetic surgery in the greater Los Angeles area. He offers patients services that include the latest medical technology and innovative surgical improvements. Dr. Lin’s medical training and artistic sensibility have led him to become one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the region. He finds it deeply rewarding to improve patients’ lives and usher in a newfound sense of self-confidence.

Your consultation will take place inside the state-of-the-art Nogales Medical and Professional Plaza in West Covina.  Our patients enjoy a compassionate dream team of assistants and anesthesiologists. Once situated in your examination room, we’ll review your medical history, previous surgeries, and any medications you may be taking to determine whether you will be a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. Then, Dr. Lin will get to know your concerns. He will inquire about what your desired, aesthetic results are and what specific expectations you have regarding your treatment with us. Dr. Lin will listen attentively as he notes your personal goals and preferences. He’ll conduct a thorough examination of your overall figure, the dimensions of your bottom, and the potential harvest areas. This examination will allow him to create a blueprint for your new butt and develop a treatment plan which will be shared with you at length.

Take the first step in achieving a new body. Schedule your very own personal consultation at our West Covina office. Until then, we encourage you to check out our blog of informative posts on several procedures we offer. 

Preparing for a BBL

Dr. Lin and our fabulous staff will guide you through the process of preparing for your BBL. At your consultation, Dr. Lin will give you detailed instructions. Below is a list of a few items to take care of beforehand so that you enjoy a smooth procedure and recovery. We advise patients to:


Upon arrival, we’ll show you to your treatment room, where you’ll be administered anesthesia for your comfort. Dr. Lin will make temporary reference marks on the body that will guide him and the medical staff. Once this happens, he’ll begin the BBL treatment by liposuctioning the fat from the designated harvest areas. Small incisions will be made so that a thin, hollow tube can remove fat from the abs, flanks, thighs, or upper arms. The fat will be purified and cleansed before being injected at different layers of the skin to ensure graft survival and to create an ideal result[3] All incisions are closed up with sutures and bandages. The entire process can take up to four hours, depending on the results desired. 


Plan to take it easy when you get home. You will be given a compression garment to maintain the shape of your new curves and reduce swelling. Bruising, soreness, and swelling may be present for 7-10 days but will gradually subside. [4] We will prescribe medication to assist with any discomfort. Please do not directly sit on your butt and avoid other sources of pressure. You will need to rest and sleep on your stomach for at least two weeks. Any deviation from these instructions may cause a shifting of the fat placement. The entire recovery process can take anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks. Strenuous activities can be resumed in 6-8 weeks.


Your body will begin to adapt to your new contours in the upcoming weeks. As time goes on, the swelling, discomfort and soreness will subside. Within six months, you will be able to enjoy your final results: a brand new derriere that will surely attract attention from your inner circle and new acquaintances alike! Your smooth, round, lifted buttocks will be yours to keep for years on end

Cost for a Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift price is based on the patient’s unique body, the specific look they desire, and the other details of your procedure. Dr. Lin will happily discuss this with you at length at your consultation in our office in West Covina. Feel free to call us at (626) 810-6165 for a preliminary quote of the procedure. 



The results of a Brazilian butt lift can last up to ten years or more! As long as you maintain an active lifestyle and don’t have major weight fluctuations, you can preserve your results for years to come. 


Patients need to avoid sitting directly on their butt for a few weeks.[5]  This is to allow the area to heal properly. Until then, patients are advised to rest on their stomachs. 


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