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Endoscopic Brow Lift

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As time passes, the skin on your face loses elasticity leading to sagging skin, intense creases, and deep wrinkles. When these changes occur, frown lines develop and your brows begin to droop making you look much older than you really are.

Fortunately, by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Daniel H. Lin M.D., there is something you can do about your aging appearance. From his state-of-the-art facility, Shine Cosmetic Surgery located in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Lin offers the most recent technological advances in medicine including the endoscopic brown lift. Endoscopic refers to the small viewing instrument that uses a camera to see beneath the tissue and this allows Dr. Lin to view images of your body’s internal structures through very small incisions instead of the normal ear-to-ear incision. With the endoscopic brow lift, Dr. Lin will make three or more tiny incisions at your hairline and use the endoscope to guide him when removing the muscles that produce your frown lines before he repositions your eyebrows at a higher level.

Technology has created many developments for less invasive procedures in all surgical specialties and the endoscope has been a key advancement supporting this trend. The endoscope is currently used in a variety of reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgical applications however the endoscopic brow lift was the first procedure to gain widespread acceptance. Although the endoscopic brow lift has become a popular procedure in the past few years, not all plastic surgeons are experienced in endoscopic brow lifts so when considering this procedure it is crucial that you choose someone with experience. Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Lin is one of California’s leading plastic surgeons and commonly performs the endoscopic brow lift procedure satisfying hundreds of patients.

Also called a forehead lift or eyebrow lift, a brow lift corrects skin wrinkling and loss of tone that causes your eyebrows to sag giving you a hooded appearance. A brow lift softens the deep creases across your forehead, reduces the horizontal frown lines at the top of your nose, and improves the vertical lines between your brows. An endoscopic brow lift is the only plastic surgery procedure that can increase the distance from your lateral brow to your upper eyelashes resulting in a more youthful, refreshed appearance. With this procedure, the positioning of your eyebrows can be equalized dramatically softening what might appear to be a tired or angry look. Dr. Lin often combines a brow lift with the division of the glabellar muscles, which are the muscles that cause scowl or frown lines. If Dr. Lin feels using a combination of procedures would create a more aesthetically pleasing brow for you, he will discuss your options during your first visit.

Endoscopic brow lifts have several advantages including:

Brow lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure designed to lift the tissues of a descended forehead and restore the natural arch of your eyebrows.

Typically, an endoscopic forehead lift requires the same steps as the traditional procedure with the difference being the incision. During your brow lift, the endoscope is inserted through one of the small incisions, allowing Dr. Lin to have a clear view of the muscles and tissues beneath your skin. Using another instrument inserted through a different incision, your forehead skin will be lifted and the muscles and underlying tissues are removed or re-contoured to produce a smoother appearance. Your eyebrows may also be lifted and secured into their higher position by sutures beneath your skin’s surface behind your hairline. When your lift is complete, the scalp incisions will be closed with stitches and the area will be washed accompanied by gauze and an elastic bandage. The surgery takes approximately 1-2 hours, usually under IV sedation and a local anesthetic.

Recovery time is shorter with the endoscopic technique and you should be able to resume your normal routine within one week. In approximately three weeks, almost all signs of your surgery will no longer be visible.

A brow lift can treat:

There is no need to suffer from a tired-looking face any longer. If you wish to improve the appearance of your forehead and upper eyelid region, Dr. Lin can assist you in achieving the look you have always wanted. His knowledge and experience combined with his artistic flair will help you obtain long lasting results. If you are interested in an endoscopic brow lift, you can rest assured that Shine Cosmetic Surgery has the experience and expertise it takes to offer you a beautiful and natural outcome. The endoscopic brow lift is an advanced technique and a significant improvement over the traditional form of brow lift surgery. At Shine Cosmetic Surgery, Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Dr. Lin performs endoscopic brow lift surgery as well as many other cosmetic surgery procedures.

For more information on the endoscopic brow lift, contact Shine Cosmetic Surgery today and let our friendly staff schedule your complimentary consultation.

Dr. Lin is committed to giving you a rewarding experience that does not end when you leave the operating room so when you choose Shine Cosmetic Surgery, you will receive a long-term relationship that will help you love the way you look for years to come.


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