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Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery – Types, Cost, Recovery And Risks

by Dr. Daniel Lin


Tummy Tuck

CfUFtk6wOEcaM_xu3-B7dyW_hk2DFVKTmF6Q_1EhqFoIn many cases, diet or exercise will not be completely effective in providing the best shape near the abdominal region. Such irregularities might also occur as a result of some existing conditions. They can only be cured by removing the excess of fat tissues and create a fine contour for the abdomen.


The surgical procedure which is used to remove those excess fat tissues is called Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery. It is also provided for patients who have a droopy or loosened skin near the midsection. The procedure helps to achieve a firm shape near the abdomen area which was affected by a weight loss program or pregnancy.


Types of tummy tuck


Tummy tuck surgery is used to treat conditions which are resulted in a variety of ways. The principal aim of tummy tuck surgery is to target areas of abdomen where excess of fat tissues are present. The common procedure in all types of tummy tuck surgery is to strengthen the abdominal muscles by removing the excess fat deposits.


Patients will need a counseling session in order to understand their condition before accepting the type of tummy tuck that a surgeon has customized for them. A surgeon with vast experience will be able to provide smooth and efficient service in all stages of the surgery. Once the surgeon and patient reach an agreement, the surgery starts. When the surgery is finished, the surgeon will also assist the patients with recovery which usually lasts for a week or a month.


Candidature for Abdominoplasty


Before the surgery is started, candidates must ensure not to have any serious conditions which could be worsened by the surgery. They shouldn’t plan for pregnancy in the near future and should not be indulged into smoking or drinking habits.


The candidate for tummy tuck must be an adult who has a body weight that is close to the ideal value. Candidates who have a loose or droopy skin and have excess of fat deposition near the abdomen area are eligible to undergo tummy tuck surgery. Also, the candidates who wish to improve their overall physique are allowed to receive the surgery.


Cost of Abdominoplasty


Usually, the cost of Abdominoplasty falls in the price range of $3,000 to $12,000 but it depends significantly on variety of factors and needs. Firstly, the cost depends upon the type of tummy tuck surgery. It further depends on the quality or reputation of the hospital or the surgeon. Additionally, the use of advanced technology for surgical procedures and the choice of anesthesia will determine the overall cost of the surgery.


The surgery will not be covered by insurance as it is a cosmetic elective surgery but in-house financial assistance is provided by surgeons who have tied up with private financiers. Some hospitals provide financial assistance on their own.


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