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Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon before Facelift Surgery

by Dr. Daniel Lin

Questions to Ask Your Plastic Surgeon 

Dr Daniel H Lin.jpg.thumb_160_widthThe face is the most prominent part of the body from an aesthetic viewpoint, and any signs of aging will first become noticeable and apparent on the face in most cases. Many people are keen to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the face, which has made facelift is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures today in the US. The patient should have a clear understanding of facelift, and what it may or may not achieve in terms of the patient’s personal aesthetic goals.

An experienced plastic surgeon will ensure that the patient is made fully aware of all aspects of the procedure and shown the before and after images so that they can make an informed decision. Patients should be frank about clarifying any doubts or concerns about the procedure during the pre-op consultation process. Dr. Daniel Lin provides facelift and other procedures to patients in West Covina, Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, Chino, Rowland Heights, Baldwin Park, Whittier, Brea, Arcadia, Pasadena, Diamond Bar, and surrounding areas.

Informed and Independent Decision

In a major cosmetic surgery procedure such as a facelift, it is important that the patient should be personally convinced about going ahead with the surgery. The decision should be made by the patient independently, and without being wholly influenced by what some magazine, celebrity or a friend may have to say. The patient will be required to complete the legal consent forms prior to the surgery, which will declare that the patient is making an independent decision while being aware of the potential risks involved in the surgery.

As an experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Lin encourages patients to ask questions and make a decision in favor of the procedure only after they are completely satisfied. Patients in West Covina, Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, Chino, Rowland Heights, Baldwin Park, Whittier, Brea, Arcadia, Pasadena, Diamond Bar, and surrounding communities have an opportunity to seek facelift and other procedures from Dr. Lin.

Key Questions to Ask

The patient may ask the following important questions during the facelift consultation with the surgeon:

  • Are you a qualified plastic surgeon with specific training in cosmetic surgery?
  • Have you performed facelift surgeries in the past?
  • Will you perform facelift using general or local anesthesia?
  • Do you have hospital privileges to perform facelift surgery?
  • Do I make a stellar candidate for this procedure?
  • What kind of surgical technique would you employ in my case?
  • Will I have to make any lifestyle changes or follow certain instructions before and after the procedure?
  • How much downtime will be involved, and when can I return to work after the procedure?
  • Are there any risks and complications that I should be aware of?
  • Will there be conspicuous scarring after the facelift?
  • Will you provide me with before and after photos so that I can make a better decision?

In most cases, the plastic surgeon will address these queries of their own accord. However, the patient should also be prepared to ask questions and clarify every doubt prior to the surgery.

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