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What questions should I ask my plastic surgeon about Asian eyelid surgery?

by Dr. Daniel Lin


What questions to ask your surgeon about Asian eyelid surgery | ChinoAsian eyelid surgery is a delicate procedure as it involves the sensitive eye area. Patients should have clarity on the potential cosmetic benefits of Asian eyelid surgery before they commence with the procedure.

At the time of the initial consultation, the surgeon will address any questions or concerns that the patient may have to enable them to make a judicious decision.


A Vital Step

Ideally, the patient should create a checklist of questions ahead of the procedure. This will help them to remember to ask pertinent questions during their consultation with the eyelid surgeon.

Patients who are well-informed will usually be better prepared for Asian eyelid surgery and will generally be more satisfied with the final outcomes.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Lin provides Asian eyelid surgery to patients in West Covina, Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, Chino, Rowland Heights, Baldwin Park, Whittier, Brea, Arcadia, Pasadena, Diamond Bar and surrounding areas in California.


Are you a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon?

The surgeon who undertakes an Asian eyelid surgery should ideally have board certification in plastic surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons usually invest in best practices and top-notch quality standards, pursue ongoing education, adopt the most advanced surgical techniques, and follow the latest safety protocols.


How many years of training and experience do you have?

The patient should have clarity on the training and experience of the plastic surgeon as well as the type of practical experience they have in the area of cosmetic surgery.

It is advisable to work with a surgeon who has the necessary training and experience, especially for an intricate procedure such as Asian eyelid surgery.


Have you undertaken Asian eyelid surgery or facial procedures in the past?

While some surgeons may have significant experience and skill in various body and breast procedures, they may not be as adept in facial procedures, or more specifically, eyelid surgery.

Patients should ideally choose a surgeon with a comprehensive understanding of eye and facial anatomy and one who has significant experience in performing procedures in these areas.


Which surgical facility would you recommend for Asian eyelid surgery?

The surgeon will typically have the option to undertake Asian eyelid surgery at an accredited surgical center, a hospital, or a private surgical suite. Each option has associated benefits and costs. The surgeon should inform the patient of these options and recommend the most suitable one for the patient’s needs.


Would you use general or local anesthesia?

The surgeon may recommend general or local anesthesia for the Asian eyelid lift cosmetic surgery. The patient should understand whether an anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist will administer the anesthesia and if they would oversee the entire procedure in the operating room.


What will be the cost of Asian eyelid surgery?

Asian eyelid surgery is typically undertaken for aesthetic reasons. Therefore, the patient will not receive insurance coverage for this procedure.

For this reason, it is important to seek clarity on all cost-related aspects during the initial consultation, and have a clear idea of all costs, including pre and post-surgical expenses.


What are the associated risks and complications?

The patient should understand the risks and complications associated with Asian eyelid surgery beforehand to make a well-considered decision.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daniel Lin receives patients from West Covina, Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, Chino, Rowland Heights, Baldwin Park, Whittier, Brea, Arcadia, Pasadena, Diamond Bar, and nearby areas in California for Asian blepharoplasty.

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