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Asian Blepharoplasty

Asian Eyelid Surgery West Covina, CA

Upper eyelid surgery is usually performed to address the aging of excess skin that causes a tired or narrow eye appearance but there are other reasons.  Asian Eyelid Surgery, also known as blepharoplasty or double eyelid surgery, is one of the most requested surgeries by people of Asian ethnicity in the United States. It is estimated that over 250,000 Asians a year undergo upper eyelid surgery to create a double fold, thus making this the most common procedure performed on Asians.

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The anatomy of the Asian upper lid differs from that of the Caucasian eyelid and the difference is in the position of the eyelid fold. Approximately half of the Asian population has eyelid creases similar to the Caucasian eyelid crease but the remaining may have little to no crease in their upper lid. A Caucasian lid crease, which is about 20% larger than an Asian eyelid crease, is slightly different in both shape and size and typically it tapers closer to the eyelashes as the fold goes out laterally. The Asian eyelid typically starts at the crease very close to the eyelashes and as the crease gets further away from the nose, it gets larger.

Double Eyelid Surgery

Asians who do have a crease above their eye have very different looking eyelids than Caucasians. This difference has been described as a ‘single eyelid’ or lack of an upper eyelid crease while Caucasians with visible creases or folds in their upper eyelids are known to have “double eyelids.” Several procedures have been developed to address this situation and Dr. Daniel H. Lin is proud to offer Asian Eyelid Surgery, also called double eyelid surgery, for Asians who wish to add a crease to their upper lids. From his state-of-the-art facility, Shine Cosmetic Surgery located in Los Angeles, California, Dr. Lin’s aim is to create a natural-looking fold in the upper eyelid when the eyes are open. He understands that most people of Asian origin are seeking a look that is natural, resembling an Asian eyelid with a natural fold to maintain their ethnic features, although some do want a more Western look where the fold is more distinguished. Depending on whether you have a very low crease or no crease at all, Dr. Lin will customize your Asian Eyelid surgery to produce the symmetry and function you desire. By evaluating your anatomy and listening to your expectations, Dr. Lin will be able to determine which procedure he feels will give you the best results for what you are hoping to obtain.

The Asian Eyelid surgery is similar to a blepharoplasty where the skin around the eye is reshaped and the scar position is nearly identical.

The difference between the two procedures is that in order to create a crease above the eyelid, the tissue between the skin and the supportive structure of the eyelid has to be removed.  The skin is then fastened to the underlying structures giving the appearance of a crease and this is popular with many Asians because it gives the overall impression of larger eyes. One approach in creating a crease is by placing sutures from the inside of the eyelid to the underside of the skin on the outside of the eyelid to form a crease.  Another approach to make an incision on the skin of the upper eyelid at the height of the lid where the crease is desired and once the incision is made, some of the fat beneath the skin is removed.  The skin is then sutured to the muscle creating a crease and if there is excess skin or fat, this will be removed at the same time.  During an Asian Eyelid surgery, the height of the existing crease can be heightened or an eyelid with no crease can be transformed to have a crease.

About Surgery

The Asian Eyelift can be performed either under a general anesthesia (asleep), or a local anesthesia (awake). The surgery itself takes approximately one hour depending on the patient’s eyelid anatomy, amount of fat, size of the underlying support structures, the symmetry or asymmetry between the eyelids, and the amount of skin to be removed.  A virtually scarless operation, your eyelids will be swollen with possible bruising but your results will be visible in as little as one week with the final results appearing after 1-2 months.

Asian Eyelid Surgery West Covina, CA

In the past, for many cultures the changing of one’s body was not considered acceptable culturally and spiritually. Fortunately today, more and more Asians have broken traditional barriers and elect to have cosmetic procedures to help them feel better about the way they look. Changing social restrictions throughout the world enables plastic surgeons to treat more Asian patients and Dr. Lin is proud to have that opportunity.  Asian eyelid surgery is a specialty Dr. Lin has trained extensively in and he is familiar with the newest techniques allowing him to offer his patients the widest range of surgical options available.  After your Asian double-eyelid procedure, your eyes will look wider, larger, and less “sleepy” looking. If however you want an even wider eye, Dr. Lin can use a technique to address the outer side of your eyelid in conjunction with the double-eyelid procedure and removal of the “epicanthal fold”.

When considering the blepharoplasty techniques that will be used to correct your eyes, it is important to understand that the goal of double eyelid surgery is not to westernize an Asian face, but to create a crease that looks natural. For more information or details on Asian Eyelid Surgery, please contact Shine Cosmetic Surgery today and let one of our friendly staff schedule your complimentary consultation. This surgery has proven to be a rewarding surgery for thousands of Dr. Lin’s patients and it is becoming more and more popular in the younger generation as well. 

If you think you are a good candidate for Asian Eyelid Surgery, please call Shine Cosmetic Surgery today and let us help you look and feel your best.

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