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Liposuction Before and After Photos

by Dr. Daniel Lin

See Liposuction Before and After Photos

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Proper diet and exercise should always be an individuals first choice when it comes to weight loss. However there are a number of people who cannot seem to lose weight despite following any weight loss regime. Liposuction is becoming an increasingly popular method for such people for achieving a slimmer body in a matter of hours.

Before the surgery  

People in various parts of the country such as West Covina, Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, Chino, Rowland Heights, Baldwin Park, Whittier, Brea, Arcadia and many other places are getting increasingly open about choosing to use cosmetic surgery to help enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Liposuction is a process that is primarily focused on removing fat from the body through a suction system. As with any form of cosmetic surgery, proper preparation is essential; both in terms of ones mental as well as physical dimensions. On a mental side, all that is required is really to calm yourself down. A number of people tend to get very nervous just before the procedure, but  as long as you have done your homework and chosen the right surgeon, you are in safe hands. On a physical aspect, before the liposuction procedure is even started, the presiding surgeon will first request a medical examination performed or laboratory testing performed, inform the patient about how the procedure is performed while also advising the patient to stop smoking and taking any anti-inflammatory drugs.

The surgeon will also advise the patient on what needs to be done on the day of the procedure while also educating the patient on post op care. The surgeon may also show a few before and after photos of previous similar surgeries performed by him/her.

How is liposuction done?

The procedure is carried out by first administering anesthesia to prevent the patient from feeling much pain. Depending on the type of liposuction, the plastic surgeon will recommend the type of surgery.

Once the patient is under the influence of anesthesia, the plastic surgeon will make a tiny incision in the targeted area of the skin. He/she will infuse it with sterile saline solution to decrease the bleeding before inserting a thin, blunt tipped pipe (known as a cannula) into the incision towards the targeted pocket of fat. The plastic surgeon will pry the cannula back and forth to dislodge most of the fat deposits. A surgical pump will then be used to take  out the dislodged fat.

Once the procedure is completed, your plastic surgeon will recommend the use of a compression garment or bandages to help control the swelling and cover the treatment area. The swelling and fluid retention, which is normal, could take a couple of months to go down before you see the visible effects of the procedure. However, it is important to maintain your look thereafter with the help of proper diet and exercise. Significant weight gain after a liposuction has been performed can  alter the effects of the procedure.

Dr. Daniel Lin stresses on the importance of making sure that people should get the procedure performed by a well known plastic surgeon for best results.

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