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Facelift Risks and Safety Information

by Dr. Daniel Lin

Facelift Risks and Safety Information | West Covina Cosmetic SurgeryThe facelift is a widely accepted and time-tested cosmetic surgery procedure, but just like any other surgery, it has certain risks and complications associated with it. A fully trained and experienced facelift surgeon can perform the procedure with minimal risk.

Dr. Daniel Lin is a board certified plastic surgeon providing facelift surgery to patients in West Covina, Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, Chino, Rowland Heights, Baldwin Park, Whittier, Brea, Arcadia, Pasadena, Diamond Bar, and surrounding communities.


Potential Risks

Risks that are typically associated with a procedure such as facelift cosmetic surgery would include:


Anesthesia Reaction

Anesthesia is performed by an expert only after determining the patient’s fitness for this procedure. The surgeon will usually be able to anticipate the risk and prepare for it accordingly. The anesthesiologist will usually remain present throughout the surgery to monitor the patient’s condition and minimize the risk.



Any surgery will entail some risk of infection. But this risk can be minimized if the surgical facility maintains high standards of sanitation and hygiene. The facelift surgeon will also advise post-operative precautions to the patient to minimize risk of infection during early recovery phase.

Fluid Collection in Incision Area

Blood or fluid collection under the skin in the incision areas can create the risk of hematoma after the facelift procedure. Severe hematoma cases may have to be corrected with surgery. To mitigate the risk, the surgeon will place drainage tubes below the skin for a few days.


Nerve Damage

In rare circumstances, the surgeon may cut or nick a facial nerve while performing facelift procedure. This can result in numbness or even partial facial paralysis. While the damage is usually temporary, some patients may require corrective surgery. The surgeon should approach facelift in a conservative manner to minimize this risk.


Unfavorable Scarring

In any surgery, including facelift, some degree of scarring is bound to occur. But an experienced plastic surgeon will manage to hide most of the scars in discreet locations or in the natural facial creases. But if the incisions are not properly concealed behind the ear or in the hairline, some small marks may be visible after the procedure.

Dr. Lin receives patients from West Covina, Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, Chino, Rowland Heights, Baldwin Park, Whittier, Brea, Arcadia, Pasadena, Diamond Bar, and nearby areas for facelift surgery.


Risk Reduction

To begin with, the patient should choose a properly qualified and trained surgeon, who has a board certification in plastic surgery. These surgeons will adhere to the latest safety protocols to ensure safe and desirable outcomes. The surgeon should be able to maintain a careful balance between patient safety and meeting the patient’s cosmetic goals.

On the patient’s part, they should disclose all relevant facts about their health and habits transparently to the surgeon at the time of pre-op consultation. A relationship of trust and open communication between the patient and the surgeon will help to mitigate risk. The patient should be committed to following the surgeon’s instructions during the pre- and post-surgical phases for many reasons and the main one being because the surgeon knows this arena very well and he does not want the patient to take any unnecessary risks.

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