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Face Lift: Plastic Surgery in San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire, CA

by Dr. Daniel Lin

face lift plastic surgery inland empireYour face is the most significant part of your body purely from an aesthetic point of view. Most of the attention goes to your face, and if the face looks tired or old, it will take away the impact even if the rest of your body looks youthful. Conversely, a youthful looking face will ensure that you look much younger even if the rest of your body shows signs of aging. The most effective procedure available to make your face look younger is a face lift surgery. It is a sure way to reduce or remove your facial wrinkles and lines and tighten the sagging facial skin. A face lift from an experienced surgeon can take several years off your age, and make you look and feel younger and more attractive.

If you are looking for a good option for a face lift plastic surgery in Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley or nearby communities, Shine Cosmetic Surgery may be the right place for you. It is a state of the art facility in the area that employs the very latest and most effective techniques and technologies to give you the best possible face lift surgery that you are hoping for. Shine Cosmetic Surgery is headed by Dr. Daniel Lin, who is a leading board certified facial plastic surgeon. With his extensive skills, training and experience in the field of face lift and other related cosmetic surgeries for the face, you can achieve the desired results that meet or exceed your expectations.

What is a Face Lift?
Before you set out to get a face lift plastic surgery in San Gabriel Valley or Inland Empire, CA, it is important for you to understand what a face lift really is, and what it can do for you and what it cannot. A face lift involves lifting the existing loose skin off your face in order to tighten the tissue and muscles underneath and remove excess skin. The tightening skin will then be repositioned smoothly on your face, making it look firmer, younger and free of wrinkles and lines to a significant extent. Over the years face lift technology has evolved, and now it is possible to achieve far more aesthetic results by repositioning the fat, skin and muscle on your face.

It is important to understand that a face lift will not alter the fundamental features of your face, or remove any such discrepancies that involve the bone or the structure of your face. The pleasant aspect is that it will not alter your essential looks so that your original identity is not compromised in any way. You should be in decent health and have realistic expectations from the procedure in order to achieve the most satisfactory results. Your facial skin should have some elasticity to get the best performance. A lot will also depend on the skills and experience of the surgeon who performs your face lift procedure.

Consultation with Your Surgeon
The first step in your exploration of the idea of a face lift plastic surgery in Inland Empire or San Gabriel Valley should be to set up an appointment with Dr. Daniel Lin at Shine Cosmetic Surgery, or another equally competent surgeon of your choice. During the consultation, the surgeon will try to understand your needs, goals and aspirations with regard to a face lift. You should express your desires and expectations frankly to the surgeon at this point. It will help him or her guide you better and suggest the most appropriate solutions to match with your needs.

The surgeon will also ask you about your medical history, current health status, and any medications that you may be currently taking. You need to be clear and honest about these issues, as well as about any smoking or drinking issues. With all this information available to the surgeon, he or she will evaluate and examine your face and advise whether face lift or another procedure may be the right choice for you. If your goals can be achieved with a partial face lift, chin lift, brow lift, rhinoplasty or eye lift, or even with any non-surgical dermal filler treatment, the surgeon will provide you with the best possible guidance.

Face lift surgery may be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, depending on the patient’s needs, the extent of surgery involved, and the surgeon’s decision. Dr. Lin of Shine Cosmetic Surgery prefers to perform face lift plastic surgery in San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire under local anesthesia and IV sedation with an aim to minimize the risk of complications. Once this stage is completed, the surgeon will make an incision that begins from your temple region and encircles the ear. Thereafter, the surgeon will raise the skin and perform the tightening of tissue and muscle underneath through the incision.

The surgeon may have to remove some of the excess skin and fat in order to tighten the face and give a smoother and wrinkle-free appearance. Once the process of skin tightening is completed, the surgeon will redrape the skin over the face smoothly and suture the incision. A skilled surgeon will always try to ensure that the incision is made along the hairline or in an area where the skin is naturally developing a crease. This is the best way to conceal the scar after the surgery. The entire procedure may take three to four hours on average, and is usually performed as an outpatient procedure.

Patients usually experience mild pain, bruising and swelling in the affected areas of the face for the first few days following a face lift. The surgeon may prescribe painkiller medication for a few days. Results from a face lift can be observed immediately after the procedure, but the full results will reveal only once the swelling subsides and the skin attains its natural glow. It may take several months for the full results to establish. When looking for a suitable face lift plastic surgery in Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley or adjoining communities, you may consider an initial appointment with Dr. Lin at Shine Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about this procedure.

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