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Breast Implants Exchange Surgery

by Dr. Daniel Lin

Plastic Surgeon | Cosmetic Surgery | West Covina | Inland Empire | ChinoBreast Implants Exchange Surgery

Women who have already got breast augmentation surgeries done must consider getting the implants used to uplift their breasts exchanged. The reason for this may vary from person to person. Some patients feel that post-surgery; their breasts look too artificial or do not suit the rest of their personality. Some may need to get them exchanged for medical reasons. Here’s a little more on this topic to help you decide if this procedure is necessary for you.

Preparing for the cosmetic surgery

Dr. Daniel Lin, a renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeon, has treated patients in various parts of the USA. Inland Empire, West Covina, Chino, Rowland Heights, San Gabriel Valley, Baldwin Park, Whittier, Arcadia, Brea, Pasadena and Diamond Bar are just some of the regions he has served. An important part of his cosmetic surgery routine is to keep the client well-informed about the pros and cons of the surgery. Apart from that, what a lady must do to keep herself as physically capable as possible for the exchange surgeries is also discussed in-depth.

Like any other cosmetic or plastic surgery, patients who wish to get their implants exchanged are advised not to take any inflammatory drugs, medicines or herbs for a few days before the surgery. Making ample preparations at home and work to cover up for the time patients have to spend to get the surgery done and to recover from it is also vital. Eating healthy, nutritious food helps the body recover much faster post-op and patients have lesser chances of contracting infections, losing a lot of blood and experience post-surgery weaknesses.

What to expect after it?

After the breast implants exchange is done, you may feel the difference of the types of implants, if that is what the aim of the procedure was. Also, you may experience some amount of soreness around the operated part. So be sure you wear appropriate clothes to give the breasts ample amount of fresh air to heal faster, but keep away germs and bacteria. Surgical bras are amazing creations that give just the right amount of support to your breasts without putting any undue amount of pressure on them, so be sure to stock them up.

You are also advised not to perform overly strenuous exercises or physical activities for a few days to risk implant bursts, dislocation of the implants and causing more pain and bleeding in the wounded area. By gently massaging that area, you can instead speed up the recovery process and help minimize the formation of any scar around the implants. Dr. Lin ensures each of his patients are aware of these post-surgery proceduresand keeps them prepared about the changes that will happen to their appearances after the surgery is completed. This is easily done by showing them before and after surgery photos.

Breast implants’ exchange is a secondary cosmetic surgery that is used to improve on the first surgery or correct any complications which arose from them. By consulting specialists like Dr. Lin, you can be sure that there are very little complication like scarring and blood loss and you achieve the best possible results that last for many years to come. So choose your plastic surgeon with care!

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