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Breast Implants Exchange Surgery Cost

by Dr. Daniel Lin

Plastic Surgery | Cosmetic Surgery | San Gabriel Valley | Chino | BreaBreast Implants Exchange Surgery Cost

Breast implants’ exchange becomes necessary when patients experience one of more of the following:

1.  Dissatisfaction with the size and shape of the breasts post the initial implants’ placement surgery.
2.  Discomfort, blood loss or improperly placed implants.
3.  Desire to change the type of implants. Silicone-gel based implants may be exchanged for saline-filled implants or vice versa, depending on which type suits a patient.
4.  Leakage of saline from the implants.
5.  Implant bursts
6.  Formation of excessive amount of scar tissue around the implant pocket.

Depending on the severity of the issue and the type of exchange procedure to be done, costs are fixed.

Before the cosmetic surgery

To ensure the implants’ exchange surgery takes place successfully without any complications, skilled plastic surgeons like Dr. Daniel Lin ensure they fully inform their clients about the dos and don’ts before the surgery. Just like any other cosmetic surgery, patients are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes eating plenty of nourishing foods, rest and abstinence from drugs, inflammatory medicines, alcohol and nicotine (cigarettes and other products containing tobacco).

Patients are also advised to make arrangements beforehand at home and their work place for a few days’ time to ensure they remain unaffected. Patients who are pregnant, on life-saving medicines or treatments or who are very frail are generally not advised to undergo any cosmetic surgery.

It is important to note that before the surgery is performed, patients must also be fully aware of the effects of the surgery on their lives, appearance and health. Dr. Lin takes special care to show before and after surgery photos to his clients so they can choose a procedure,implant size and the type best suited to them. He has successfully exchanged breast implants for many patients in the following regions for many years: Inland Empire, San Gabriel Valley, West Covina, Rowland Heights, Chino, Baldwin Park, Pasadena, Brea, Whittier, Arcadia and Diamond Bar.


Dr. Lin firmly believes that each of his patients require a unique approach. The methods to replace the implants may not vary much – he may have to access the implants from the same area where the first surgery was performed or he may have to operate from a different region. Moreover, the types of implants that he may have to use may be different, depending on what is best for the patient. So he considers all the factors before providing a price estimate to his patients.

Each person responds differently to the initial breast augmentation surgery – some may have minimal scar tissue formation around the implants’ pocket while some may have aggressive capsular contracture around the area. Also, depending on how extensive the implants’ exchanges are, the more amounts of finesse and medical supplies will be required. Based all these factors, the cost of such a procedure is ascertained. Generally, the cost of an implants’ exchange procedure is between $6,000 and $12,000.

Dr. Lin has successfully carried out many initial and secondary procedures. In fact, as secondary procedures such as implants’ exchange require more skill, he is more particular about them to ensure the results are satisfactory and patients do not have to get another corrective surgery done. Issues like leaking implants, improperly positioned implants, discomfort after the initial surgery and much more are resolved with such a procedure. So don’t hesitate to get a quote for these procedures from an expert, today.

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